Patrons being told to pledge again to gain access



I’ve just added the Patreon Wordpress plugin to my website I’ve made one post patron-only. However, when my patrons click the login button to unlock the content, they’re taken to Patreon and told to pledge in order to gain access, even though they have already pledged.

Is there any way to fix this so that they get the correct login box and can gain access?

I should add that even I can’t see the post or log in to unlock it.



If they are not logged in, they would be taken to the pledge flow normally.

Now with pledge again to get access - you mean every time they try to unlock, they get asked to pledge again?


Sorry for the delay, I didn’t have internet access for a few days.

Yes, they click the button to log in with Patreon and get taken to a page on the Patreon website where they are asked to pledge again.




So this happens on the login/connect with patreon button, but it doesnt happen with the ‘unlock with patreon’ button that are on locked posts?


As far as I can tell it happened in both situations. I know one of my patrons managed to fix it by allowing Patreon access to his profile, but I don’t know how he got to that situation in the first place without being looped back and asked to pay again.

If that makes sense!


If its ok, please arrange a new admin account for me - with a strong password - and mail it to . I’ll check this on-site. This extra account should be deleted after debug is complete.