Patrons who want to login and unlock content on a WP page get redirected to main page


My Patrons are facing a weird issue. Namely, if they already are my Patrons and want to unlock content on my page (I lock part of posts), they get direct to the pledge flow site of Patreon. They click the log in link in top right corner of that page and put their credentials, then they click Log In and get redirected to the main page. That’s obviously confusing as they should authorize the connection and get back to the page of my site where they clicked the Become a Patreon button and unlock the content.

After testing this scenario, it turned out, they need to go back and click that Become a Patron again to get the oauth authorization screen and finally unlock the content. That’s totally not user friendly and hopefully not the way it should work. Please help me solve the issue :slight_smile:

I use the Patreon Pro plugin version 1.3.1. See a sample post at

This seems to be happening because Patreon is not redirecting back to pledge/unlock process as it used to after login.Now it redirects to main page.

I will bring this to the attention of the team.

This was fixed at Patreon - the fix should automatically be active at your site.

Unfortunatelly, their fix doesn’t work for me. Still users are sent to main Patreon page after logging in through the “Become a Patron button”

Which become a patron button is that? Is it the exact ‘unlock with Patreon’? Or is it the Patron Pro’s post button or widget button?

Hi, it’s the button that appears after you lock part of the content on a post, so it’s the Patron Pro post button.
Now I only replicated the path for a person who is my Patron and uses that button to unlock the content, i.e. moves to the login tab instead of the sign up one. Don’t know what happens when a user signs up through this button (i don’t want to set up yet another dummy account to test it now)