Patreon Wordpress plugin not logging in

As directed I am creating a topic here for support.

On my wife’s blog she uses the Patreon Wordpress plugin to create Patreon exclusive posts. This morning she is being bombarded by messages saying Patrons cannot login to view those posts. I have confirmed this myself as the login process loops back to requiring login to view the post.

Steps to reproduce
open a private web browser window
go to said blog
click on a Patreon exclusive post
click on Unlock with Patreon button
click on small Log in text
enter email address and password
click on I’m not a robot reCaptcha
click on LOG IN button
click on Allow button

Outcome: You are returned to the post with it still stating the content is protected (e.g. Sorry! This content is for our Patrons who pledge $1.00 and over!)

Expected outcome: Protected post is readable to the Patreon subscriber.

This is becoming very frustrating as at least once a month this is happening and my wife is losing subscribers, which means Patreon is losing subscribers. The general atmosphere is Patreon is too confusing and difficult to use for subscribers.

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We suspect this is related to the API issue which was experienced since last night.

Please wait a little time (30-45 minutes) and then test with a test account if you can log in without issues, and let us know here.

Might I ask if this issue has been resolved? Our project World Without Horizons is currently implementing the exclusive posts option too but we are experiencing an issue where the API just redirects back to the same article and it still says that it is locked (We experimented with a donor’s $25 account to access a $1 account page).

Thank you.

This is not relevant to your issue, it was resolved long ago.

We will have added error messages for letting users know why login procedure was terminated in the new version which is going to go out very soon today. We already have messages, but some cases were not covered.

When the new package is available, i will notify you so you can test it out.