Login through the Patreon not working at all

Hi all! I started to use Patreon’s plugin on my blog and some people are having problems during the login. The page simply keeps asking to “unlock with patreon”. Now it looks like almost everyone is having the same problem. My blog is at http://molrc.com. I really need a help in solving this. Thanks in advance.

Plugin version: 1.2.2
Wordpress version: 5.0.3

Are you able to login yourself, using a different Patreon account you have for test purposes?

Yes! I created another account with my daughter’s e-mail and tried. I saw the problem happening and tried almost all that I could to solve, but I was unable to solve. What I saw is that people get logged in on my blog but even thou the protected page continues asking to unlock via patreon.

First step:


Third step still asking for patreon:

A little bit more about the third step.

Now, it seems that PW and WP have logged you in, but, you are still seeing locked page.

If you are using a caching plugin, it may be wise to check whether you have ‘cache pages for known users’ or ‘cache pages for logged in users’ checked. These would cause the former state of the page getting served to even logged in users.

There shouldnt be any form of caching for logged in users in WP sites in general.

Yes, it looks like the problem was a cache plugin that was enabled on my wordpress. I’m just testing everything before turn the plugin on for the whole blog again. Everyone that I asked to test they said it was working ok. I’ll wait just a little time before reply you with a positive answer. Up to now, thanks a lot!

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Good to hear.

You should make sure that caching of any sort does not kick in for logged or known users - for any caching plugins you use in your WP install yourself, and also any form of caching used on your server by your web host. Contacting them and asking about this may be useful.