Login With Patreon is Not Working [Solved by Switching Hosts]

I’m using the Patreon Wordpress plugin with my website at https://openmusicplayer.com. I have not modified the plugin in any way and I’m using Wordpress 4.9.7. The login with Patreon feature does create an account for Patrons upon trying to log in for the first time like it should, but it fails to actually log the person in. I’ve tested this with a Patron test account I made for making sure everything works.

Does anybody have any ideas for why plugin is not working properly for me?

Please replace the existing plugin with the newer package below and let us know if you get any error with that user:

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I’m still unable to login with my test Patron account after deleting the old plugin and then installing and activating the new one you sent me.

No error message at all?

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Nope. Not that I see. It just redirects to the page I tried logging in from, but it’s still not logged in.

If it is possible to look it on-site, please arrange an admin login (new one) with sufficiently complex password and mail it to me at ozgur@c.patreon.com for tomorrow. It should be deleted after the debugging is complete.

Also please contact your host and ask whether they are caching any cookies or pages server-side.

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I will make that admin account now. I’m using Namecheap’s Wordpress hosting. Do you think they’re doing anything weird that would break the plugin? Thanks for the help! <3

You should contact them and ask them about server-side caching and opcode caching.

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Will do! I just made that admin account for you. Email should be in your inbox. I’ll post here what Namepress tells me once I know.

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Well, for starters, im getting

“Sorry. Aborted Patreon login for security because security cookies dont match.”

Error when i try logging in as a patron. This means:

  • Your caching plugin or web host caches the pages even for logged in users that stale urls are being used. patreon-flow/ page must not be cached, ever. Please put it into exemptions in your caching plugin, and contact your host to confirm its not cached

  • Your caching plugins/setup, or opcode caching on your server, or your host is caching patreon_nonce cookie. This cookie must not be cached. Make sure it is exempt from caching, and contact your host (especially if you are at WPEngine) to make sure they dont cache it.

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Namecheap is looking into the issue themselves right now. I also made an admin account for them. I’ll let you know once they give me any useful information back.

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Namecheap still hasn’t given me any helpful information. I tried installing a caching plugin myself to attempt to add exceptions like you recommended, but I am unable to because “The plugin can’t installed: EasyWP notice: This plugin is not necessary since EasyWP already has its own cache.”

Do you know of a host that I can easily install Wordpress with that will definitely support your plugin? I’m considering just switching.

Well, it seems namecheap has their own plugin that handles caching and stuff. You must talk this with Namecheap.

Namecheap is not a bad host, but if you feel they are creating too much problems you can move to, say Liquidweb, bluehost, siteground. Liquidweb support is generally top notch.

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They haven’t been able to do anything, so I solved the issue by moving to Namecheap’s shared hosting and I can now control the cache. Thanks for the help. <3

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Great to hear you got it work.