Patrons cannot log in to Wordpress site

If I try to log in to my website via patreon The Bassist It doesn’t connect the user to my site and eventually takes me to a page saying

This page isn’t working
redirected you too many times.

Please help, the plugin is connected and working (I can create pages that are protected from the public but can be set to my specific tiers, my patrons are visible in my wordpress USERS accounts) but nobody can log in. Please help, thank you!


Do you have any redirect plugin at your site? Or htaccess redirects?

Also your patron clearing the cookies in the browser may help, as the error message suggests.

Sorry for the delay! I have no redirect plugins and no htaccess redirects. And I’ve tested on multiple browsers, devices, across the country and with multiple users. Also cleared cookies.

Also received this from Flywheel, the hosting company:

Flywheel doesn’t use htaccess so it’s definitely no that and I don’t see any redirect plugins or server redirects written on our side. It doesn’t look like a server issue so far.

This may be a ssl situation. Do you use Cloudflare? Which setting is the SSL set to? Full? Or adaptive?

I do not use cloudflare, and I believe the question on full or adaptive does not apply to my SSL certificate, just if I was using cloudflare.

Hello. I have this same issue.

Plugin details:
WP 5.8.1 with PHP 7.4.21
Patreon WordPress 1.7.8 with API v2

I can see that clients can auth via Patreon, but due yet unknown reason, they cannot see the product they are paying for. If you are older patreon and have site details, you can see them. But new ones will not have anything.

I do not have any cache plugins running so it’s not that. And by looking over the past posts here, looks like this is a big issue. Either API is broken or something else is.

My WordPress version is 5.8.1 … PHP 7.3
Patreon plugin 1.7.8 (says latest version installed)

Thanks for adding to this JantsoP

Both of your patrons are getting infinite redirects when they try to log in then?

Yes, that is correct. I’ve had several patrons experience the same exact issue.

So I manged to solve mine.
Due something being wrong in the plugin, Creator access token was not refreshed at all. I refreshed in Patreon Dev portal and it started working again.

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Can you try refreshing your creator token in app details for that site at the below url and c/p the new details to WP admin → Patreon settings → Connection?

Hello @codebard - apologies for the slow response.

When we went into WP admin » Patreon Settings » Connection … we could not disconnect from the site without getting an error to visit the dev portal.

We did not see where to refresh the creator access token within the patreon dev portal. We tried making a new client because there wasn’t one pre-existing.

Apologies for not knowing how to refresh the creator token. I checked the documentation and could not find information how to do so there either. Could you supply a more specific instruction how to do this?

Thank you!

That means the connection was already lost from before. You can use the below guide to force-refresh the connection: