Log in With Patreon not working properly


We are setting up the site https://becc.mx
While trying to login or register, the site successfully prompts this screen.

However, after clicking “allow”, the site will reload but without logging in. Any suggestions?

You are using the Wordpress plugin right?

If so, are there any plugins that modify login, redirections or any security plugin at your site?

Yes, using the WP Plugin.
I am using https://wordpress.org/plugins/login-logout-menu/
and https://wordpress.org/plugins/loginpress/

Think any of those are interfering?

Deactivated both and the problem persists.

Where are you hosted?

There may be caching that interferes with the pages at your site or your host. Maybe cookies too.

Hosting is flywheel WP dedicated, I even tried using incongnito, clearing cookies, and using flywheel Maintenance mode (turns off caching and cookies) all to no avail.
Would you be able to take a quick look if granted access?

Thanks a lot.

Hi again,

It seems something was holding up cache in the flywheel service. Got that cleared out and I was able to get login working. Will keep a close eye on that to make sure it is working as intended, but for now, no further action is required.


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Yeah it did feel like a caching situation. Great to hear you fixed it.