Log in with Patreon problems, patrons cannot access site

Users (and myself) are getting this message when they are trying to use their Patreon logins on my main site. We just did the latest Wordpress update if that matters…

Notice : Undefined index: patreon_action in /homeSite/vLager21/public_html/wp-content/plugins/patreon-connect/classes/patreon_api.php on line 58

Any thoughts on what this might be?

As a side note, I can access the site via regular Wordpress login. It’s only when I try to do a patreon connect login. Also, I did refresh the API tokens and that didn’t seem to help.

Your site seems to have PHP notices turned on. That should not be on in production sites. You may contact your host about it. Maybe a change in wp-config.php or hosting config is causing that.

Also, you still seem to be using api v1. You can connect your site to api v2 to use v2 features.

OK - turned off the error reporting for PHP and redid my client appthing on Patreon. I apparently was using V2 of the API but went ahead and deleted the old and made a new one.

That seemed to be the problem. Got my personal login to work but waiting to hear from some patrons to confirm it’s working.

Just to reiterate - the old API was “set to”/“made as” v2 on the (seeming) non-working client. I only deleted that one and made a brand new one.

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