Patrons can’t log into my Wordpress Site

Hi - I am offering patreon only content on my Wordpress site (here) and patrons are unable to log in. Resetting the password somehow seems to help, but not after a few tries and considerable pains. Every single patron seems to need to go through several loops and resets in order to access anything. This replays with every single new Patreon post.

Here is an example of a complaint by a patron:

“ Message for web site developer: So sorry to bother you. I signed up as a Patreon and was able to access the locked content yesterday. However when I try to access the Prologue today it’s not working. On the “Prologue” page it says “Already a qualifying Patreon member? Refresh to access this content.” When I click on Refresh I get a screen in that says “Tours by Frieda would like to View your public profile View your email address” I click “Allow” and then get sent to a wp-login site that says “Sorry. Logging in with Patreon is disabled in this Website. Please contact administrator.” If I click “Login with Patreon” I get back to the “Tours by Frieda would like to…” page and thus am stuck in an endless loop. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to read!”

Please advise asap what I can do about this. This is turning into a real nightmare!

Can you visit ‘Patreon settings’ menu at your WP site and see if ’ Enable Login with Patreon setting is set to on?

That setting must be on for allowing people to login/unlock via Patreon.

Okay, wow, it was off. I hope this solves it!! Thank you!

It should, Just keep us posted whether its fixed or not.