Despite loging in - no access to content

Hello there, as much as I’d love to even upgrade to the premium version of the plugin, the basic version is causing me a great deal of trouble already. I’ve tried setting it up, Even double checked the api & client after the automated setup. It works fine, gives no error codes, etc. The problem is when It comes to actually using the plugin it immediately fails. A couple of my patreons were even willing to be test subjects.

Problem encountered with the login:
Step 1) Refresh to access this content - so far so good
Step 2) Patreon would like to… view profile, view email, - allow

aaaaand nothing - Repeat. Back to step 1, page just doesn’t get unlocked. The login kinda supposedly “worked”, the person is now logged in. The top right corned says “howdey …name…” but the content is still not unlocked and it asks for login again. The only ones who get access at all are the admin users. There are no errors whatsoever, nothing to work with.

I’ve reset everything and tried the same thing on a second server of mine, the exact same problem persisted. Are there any ideas what the problem could be and how it could be resolved? I’m out of ideas.

Try making sure that no caching plugin at your site nor any caching at your web host caches the page and shows a stale page.

Also, do the patrons have a different currency than your campaign?

Turned off caching, turned off all other plugins, the problem still persistet. Patreons can login but it still doesn’t display anything and asks them to login again. Hm, is bluehost, the hosting provider the issue? I’m at a loss here.

Update: I narrowed it down to the problem. It’s the curreny/tier. It works as long as it is ANY patreon. It doesn’t work with any tiered content sadly.

The currency/tier as in? Is your Patreon plan Lite or Pro and above?

My Plan on patreon is pro with 4 different supporter levels and one inactive tier. When I gate the page with a patreon tier the described problem occurs. Only when the requirement is: just be a patreon - it works. It doesn’t matter if the patreons pays in euro (my currency), USD, whatever. It doesn’t work.

I exactly have the same problem…

Can you go to your WP admin → Any post → Patreon Level metabox and try clicking the small refresh icon next to the tier dropdown to get your tiers refreshed?

It loads for a very long time and in the end it says “You have no tiers in this campaign”. Now I am no longer able to select any tier.

Can you dm me your Patreon page?

I don’t know if the refreshing changed it or if it was something else but I had a different creator/- and refresh token now. They didn’t update. I changed it manually now. I’ll be doing some more testing in the next couple of days.

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