Log In With Patreon Not Working

I’m using the Patron Pro Plugin.
When logging into my website there is now a “LOG IN WITH PATREON BUTTON” offered as a way to log in.
However, when I click it I’m redirected to a page that shows me this.

Thank you.

This means that the redirect url value in plugin settings in your website does not match the value that’s in the app details at the app page.

Have you set the plugin up via the setup wizard?

I believe I did set up the plugin via the setup wizard.
Isn’t that what I used when I set up.
Patreon Client ID
Patreon Clent Secret
Patreon Access Token
Patreon Creator Refresh Token

So you did not manually create a client by giving information at the earlier page i linked, and then copy/pasted the details to your plugin settings then, correct?

You just activated the plugin and followed the setup wizard.

Yes. As I recall I just activated the plugin and followed the Wizard.

Alright then - can you provide me an admin login to your site ( a new one ) so that i can check this issue on-site? Sufficiently complex password, and also delete it after debugging please.

Please email it to me at ozgur@c.patreon.com . Also include the url which appears as redirect uri in your app’s detail at register-clients page i linked earlier.

I just set ya up as an admin.
And I sent you a screenshot of the client Information.
You should have gotten two emails.
One from em with the client information.
And another from WP about the details of Admin.

The client you included seems to have been created manually though? Its v1.

And the redirect uri setting saved in the app info is incorrect. It should include /patreon-authorization/ at the end. You can check out ‘Patreon Settings’ menu in your WP admin, click ‘Connection’ button to see your connection details. You can copy/paste the redirect uri value you see there to your app details at Patreon.

Also your site login requires 2 factor authentication so the admin info you sent is not applicable.

Yes It was created manually. I copied and pasted from Patreon and manually entered the other information. Maybe didn’t use the Wizard?

My apologies for the 2FA. Were you not able to get into the site?

I corrected the redirect uri setting saved in the app info.

When clicking on the button I’m prompted with: “Sorry. A WordPress user with the same email you use at Patreon exists. Please log into this site with your WordPress user first, and then log in with Patreon to link these two accounts…”

I logged into Patreon but it’s not clear to me how to link the accounts.

This is because you already have an account with that email at your site as well as having an account with same email at Patreon, but the email at Patreon has not been verified. Its a security measure. It would require you to log into your WP account via WP first, then just login via Patreon.

If you create a new patron account with a different email and pledge to yourself, you can easily test your site from the perspective of a patron. In that case you wouldnt encounter that security measure as well.

I did as you suggested.

I opened a new tab and logged into Patreon.

Doing that alone should allow me to log into my website via Patreon?

I’m still not able to login using that button.

First you must log into your existing account at your wordpress site.

Then visit your site’s login page ( domain.com/wp-login.php ) where your site will display you login box.

Clicking on the Login with Patreon button should take you to Patreon. When you give permission, you will be returned to your site and your account will be linked.

[quote=“codebard, post:13, topic:2284”]
First you must log into your existing account at your wordpress site.
[/quote] You mean log into my website?

Then visit your site’s login page ( domain.com/wp-login.php ) where your site will display you login box.
Isn’t that just repeating step one?

And when I visit that page via url the login box doesn’t appear since I’m already logged in. I just return to the dashboard of my Admin area.

Indeed you could have difficulties linking that way.

Try manually visiting


and let me know that works.

Thank you, sir.

While I realize that you probably addressed a concern I have in a previous reply.

I just want to make sure that my concern is expressed directly.

If I can’t use the login button on the login form, does that mean Patrons can’t login using it, too?

I’ll try the link you provided and lat ya know how that works. Or doesn’t.

It doesn’t as is.:frowning:


But when I replace the word “domain”.com with "my domain”.com it does. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience. I’m happy it works.


You don’t have permission to access /patreon-flow/
on this server.

You must be using pretty permalinks for PW to function. Is your site using pretty permalinks or is it default ?pID=3355 permalinks?

I believe I am.
Can you confirm?

Trying saving permalinks page once to force your WP to refresh its htaccess rules may help.

I don’t know how to do that and why do I need to do that?