[SOLVED] Patreon Button Not Working With Patron Pro Plugin

Hi Everyone,

I downloaded the Patron Pro Plugin and followed all the steps to get the API set up via this plugin and also with the Patreon free plugin. The API information is correct in both plugins, however the button is not working when clicked on, it goes to this URL: https://www.patreon.com/Update%20this

I did follow the final step in the Patron Pro Plugin that says this: Click “Save” below. And after the form is saved, log out of your WordPress site, and then visit your WordPress site’s login page again and choose “Log in with Patreon” and log in with Patreon just once. This is so that the plugin can get your Creator ID to use in buttons to send your visitors directly to patron pipeline and its important. After this, you can log out and log in with your WordPress admin as normal.

I also tried clearing my site’s cache and no luck. Thank you in advance for any and all help! :slight_smile:

Hey @codebard, any ideas here?


The button in question is the Post button (or the site or author sidebar widget) from the Buttons plugin.

It behaves like that in this case because the Patreon profile url value was not put into its setting - @B.NYC if you just visit ‘Quickstart’ tab in Patron Pro settings and fill in “Site’s Patreon user” value with your Patreon profile link, it should be sorted.

I’ll look into having this done automatically by Patron Pro in future.

Also please note that you can get premium support at Codebard site for Patron Pro.