Existing Patrons in a Login Loop : please help a non-techie Creator?


My existing Patrons have trouble accessing protected content on my Wordpress site. They login to access the content using the specific page URL and when they login, they are sent to my homepage. They then need to go back to find the specific page URL and click on it again. They then need to repeat the process + click REFRESH to access the page. This seems somewhat laborious maybe I have something wrong in my setup?

I made a video to demonstrate the process to them: https://vimeo.com/juliegibbonscreates/review/351766208/0279014a23

Please help - thanks!

I couldnt reproduce this on a test installation.

Its possible that you may have plugins which interfere with WP’s redirects. You can try disabling all plugins but Patreon WordPress and then testing it. If redirect works fine, enabling plugins one by one while testing will help you catch which plugin has the issue if one has it.

Thanks. I need the plug-ins on my website (which I’ve been using for years as the mainstay for my business - via Wishlist Member) so am not going to disable them. Do you know if there is likely to be a conflict with Wishlist Member plugin? This problem is causing me to reassess using Patreon protected content on my main site …

You dont need to permanently disable any plugin. You just need to detect which plugin is causing the conflict.

You can doing this by disabling then enabling each plugin. Or you can disable all others and enable them one by one.

Once you detect the plugin conflict, then you can debug and fix it.