Patrons have to authorize every time

I’m posting links to my locked patron-only articles on Patreon, but it seems when my patrons visit the links, they have to click the “Unlock with Patreon” button every time to read the content.

What’s more, they’re always getting the authorization message of “(Site Name) would like to … • View your public profile • View your email address (Allow) (Deny)”.

Shouldn’t they stay logged in to my site for a while after they click the Log In/Unlock with Patreon buttons? And why do they need to re-authorize access to their public profile and email address? Isn’t this done just one time when they first create their account on my WordPress site?


My Patrons are experiencing this as well.

@worker11811 , @rossmith49 Such issues can happen due to cookie settings at your site (plugins which modify cookies, or domain - subdomain differences etc), due to caching (your caching plugin, host’s server side caching ) and the users’ browser and device settings.

In such cases, you should create a new Patreon account with a different email you have, use it as a test account to pledge to yourself and test your site. If you can reproduce the issue, that may indicate an issue with your site or the host as mentioned above.

If you cant reliably reproduce this issue, then it may be due to the user’s device, browser, OS etc. In that case, try to find out if this happens to more than 1 patron. If it doesnt, then try to find out which device/OS/browser the patron is using, and whether the issue persists if s/he uses another device/OS/browser.

When you have more information as described above please come here and post that information - in separate threads for each occurrence of this case. Then we can look into them in a productive fashion.

Just following up here. I’ve had this complaint from multiple users, again. I just created a test patron account, however I can’t replicate it.

I had several users not be able to access my most recent post at all: (comments below from a user).

In addition to those not having access, I still have some users that have to “allow access” every time as well.

Here is some feedback, this user was using an iPad/Safari.

when I tried to access it, it said to go through Patreon. On Patreon, after entering my password and email, my only option to access the article was to click on a link to become a subscriber. I already am a subscriber.

I wasnt able to reproduce on Chrome, Firefox either.

I will try and see if anything comes up in Safari.

Thank you, I’m going to check to see if the way the accounts are being created in wordpress could be the issue. Not sure what else I could do on my end. Your help is appreciated.

Patrons are being created as “Subscriber” user roles, below is what that looks like in WP:

I had this same issue. My solution was to add this plugin which simply re-sets the auth cookies after the Patreon plugin is done with auth’ing. This basically makes it act as if the user hit the “Remember Me” checkbox during login.

 * Plugin Name: Patreon - Stay Logged In Always (Patreon users only)
 * Description: This makes it so that the user will always stay logged in, as if they hit "Remember Me".  This is a workaround for the Patreon plugin.
 * Version: 1.0.0
 * Author: Bennycopter

namespace Stay_Logged_In_Always_To_Patreon;
if (!defined('ABSPATH')) exit;

add_action("patreon_do_action_after_user_logged_in_via_patreon", "Stay_Logged_In_Always_To_Patreon\\patreon_post_login", 99, 1);
add_action("patreon_do_action_after_new_user_created_from_patreon_logged_in", "Stay_Logged_In_Always_To_Patreon\\patreon_post_login", 99, 1);
add_action("patreon_do_action_after_existing_user_from_patreon_logged_in", "Stay_Logged_In_Always_To_Patreon\\patreon_post_login", 99, 1);

function patreon_post_login($filter_args) {
    // 2nd parameter specifies "remember me"
    wp_set_auth_cookie($filter_args["user"]->ID, true);
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