Users can't login using PW plugin


my users are reporting that they can’t login and unlock the content. After clicking the “log in with patreon” button and clicking “allow”, they get redirected back to my page and this is added to the url: “?patreon_message=patreon_couldnt_acquire_user_details”. It seem that something affected the flow and looking at others post it may be a global issue. Codebard can you check what might be causing this problem and how to fix it??

I’m using WP 5.2.2, PW 1.3.2 and Plugin Pro 1.3.7

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Following. I am having this problem as well…

Funny thing! It just resolved itself. I haven’t change a thing but both my users and my dummy account logins properly now.

I don’t know if it is related but I couldn’t login with Patreon account to this forum as well and I was getting some error but now it works.

This was due to a hiccup at the API at Patreon, and it was resolved. All the issues - logging into forum, Patreon discord etc - were related. Now all should work fine.