1 Patron 2 WP users

I don’t know whether it’s the API or the plugin, but one of my Patreons just let me know that she can’t access the content after logging in with Patreon account. I’ve checked whether her payment was processed and all is okay. So I tried to see the WP user list and locate her.
What I found is that she has 2 users created via Patreon.

When I compared the data with Patreon - the user with orange avatar is the right one. For some reason when she clicked the “Log in with Patreon” button she got logged in as the “blue” user.
Anyone knows what’s behind that? How did this happen? How to fix it for her?

This may happen if your db has been corrupted for some reason, or the Patreon id was not matched to the user for whatsoever reason (server load, latency, disconnectivity to Patreon etc).

You can just delete those accounts if they are new, and then the patron can re-login with Patreon. Preferably with the unlock button on a locked post.