Wordpress Plugin attempts to Log Patreons in as Admins


We’ve gated some of our posts on WordPress with the Patreon Plugin. If Patreons click the “Unlock Content” Button they are redirected to a site asking them to allow us to view their public profile and email address. When they click either allow or deny, they are redirected to the Wordpress Admin Login page. If Admin Login is disabled, they get an error message telling them that Admin Login via Patreon is disabled. They won’t be able to access the content.

Here are the three steps in succession:

If " Allow Admins/Editors to ‘Login with Patreon’ Button" is set to true in the Plugin settings, Patreons are AUTOMATICALLY LOGGED IN UNDER MY ADMIN ACCOUNT!
This means they have access to the entire site and can change settings, delete posts, etc…

What do I need to change so that Patreons are logged in with the appropriate permissions (only viewing gated posts, not Admin privileges). I can see in the WordPress Users section that Patreon creates a new WordPress User for each Patreon that signs up, but somehow the site doesn’t log them into WordPress under those usernames if they log in via Patreon.

Many Thanks!

So some of your users have admin or moderator level roles in your WP site.

And they cant log in normally unless you turn on ‘Allow admins to log in via Patreon’.

And when you enable it, everybody logs in as admin.

Is that correct?

Yes, exactly!

There are only two Admins in the Wordpress CMS. That is me and another person from my team. All other users in the CMS are automatically created by Patreon with the role “Subscriber”. But when these people attempt to log in using Patreon via our site, they are automatically logged in under my CMS “Admin” user instead of their “Subscriber” users.

Ok, thanks for reporting. That’s likely a bug. Ill try to reproduce it. If so, a fix should go out in a week or so.

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This is not reproducable with a fresh installation. There may be some plugin or code at your site that interferes with user login/registration.