Patreon impacting WP login

I made the mistake of logging into my website with the Patreon account created by this plugin. I wanted to make sure it looked correct for my Patreons. Unfortunately, any time I logout from Patreon on my website, it also logs me out of wordpress! And if I log back in to wordpress, it also logs me back into Patreon via the plugin. This is proving fairly infuriating. I’ve removed and readded the plugin as well as removed the app/client from the developer page and started over again. How do I log out of the Patreon plugin WITHOUT logging out of Wordpress?

You can try logging into your website via Patreon, going to your user profile in the WP admin, then disconnecting Patreon from your WP account. Then you should be able to log in only through WP.

Unfortunately, I’ve already tried this. Looking at the login/logout URLs in the sidebar widget, they’re the login/logout links for Wordpress itself. I’ve removed the widget for now but the plugin, I hope, will still let Patreons access posts. Maybe that’s how the plugin is supposed to work, but it’s a little frustrating. Thanks for the reply! :smile:

Have you gone to your user profile in WP admin and disconnected your Patreon account from your WP account?

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Omigosh! I was approaching this from totally the wrong angle. No wonder I couldn’t find the solution! (I’m ADHD AF, sorry.) I think you’ve set me on the right path! Thank you!

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