Best way to handle login using Patreon Wordpress plugin

Hi - I have the plugin up and running on my website, I built the site but I am not a coder and im having difficulty getting my head around how to handle user login.

I understand that the locked posts have a Patreon button on them which directs the user back to Patreon to purchase that content tier. But I have questions about other elements of the process…

  1. Once they have paid within Patreon - does it automatically re-direct them back to the post they were viewing on my website?

  2. Users that have already signed up and paid via Patreon, how do they login to my site on an everyday basis? Do they need to go via their Patreon page? (not ideal) or can they login on my site and still have their Patreon Tier unlocks? (preferred)

  3. If I have a login page on my site - is there a Patreon shortcode for a Patreon login page? or how do I setup a Patreon login page if not? I can see the Patreon login button has appeared on the Wordpress Login page - but obvs would really need a proper page within my website.

All help appreciated - thanks Steve

1 - Yes!

2 - They can just click the Unlock button again, and this time they will just get logged in instead of having to pledge. Or, you can put [patreon_login_button] shortcode anywhere in the post. Alternatively, easier is to put the login widget that the plugin provides to your sidebar. WP login forms will already have the Patreon login button.

3 - Like above, yeah, you can use the login shortcode, but if the login form already uses standard WP login forms, the button should be there already. If you want to put it in another page, you can just use the shortcode.