Patreon Wordpress Remove "Login With Patreon" Button Altogether

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I’m using the Patreon Wordpress free plugin. I do NOT want users to be able to log in to my Wordpress site with Patreon - I’d prefer to require an account with my site before any integration with Patreon occurs.

With that said, I’ve enabled the “Enable strict oAuth” option and disabled the “Enable Login with Patreon” option within my Patreon Wordpress plugin settings. However, it seems as though the plugin is still adding a “Login With Patreon” button to my login and registration forms on my website. Why is this?

Is there a simple way to remove this?

Ideally I’d like users to register/login for my website separately. Then logged in users only would be able to click a link to “Connect your Patreon account” which would then do the Patreon authorization check. Is this possible?

One small follow up question… Is there a simple alternative to " Patreon_Frontend::displayPatreonCampaignBanner()" that isn’t tied to unlocking a specific piece of content?

I’d like my logged in users to simply connect their Patreon accounts, and then I will use the “Patreon_Wordpress::getUserPatronage()” function to customize my site based on that.

Forcing strict oAuth would do exactly that - users would need to get an account at your site before connecting their account.

Currently there isnt an option to hide the login button but it is a good idea.

The code which you may use to lock any part of your website is:

If you are using Patron Plugin Pro, you should use the code below:

I would really like this feature. Major upvotes here!

I want people to be directed to my own internal signup page for important information prior to being redirected to Patreon. The custom banner lets me give them that link, but then they get this other “Unlock with Patreon” button which clutters the clean look I am going for.

I might also suggest (as a v2 to the “remove default call to action button” feature) the ability to add patron details like {patreon_level} or {required_pledge_amount} to the Custom Call to Action Banner feature…

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Hide login button option will be introduced in the next few releases.

Patreon Wordpress 1.5.5 now has ‘hide login button’ feature. It hides Patreon login button in WP login pages and forms. Just upgrade to 1.5.5 via your plugin admin and set that setting in ‘Patreon Settings’ menu.

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