Membership Login Button

I’m using the Patron Pro plugin.
Is there a way that I can create a “Log In” button on my website that allows Patrons to log in to Patreon via that login button on my website?

I’m hoping the effect would be;

  1. Those who use the login button get access to the content appropriate for their tier level.
  2. They get redirected to a “Members Main Page” on my website that serves as a directory to various tier levels.

Thank you.

1 - The unlock buttons which appear when you lock any content via PW or Patron Pro would accomplish most of that - login, pledge, redirect, content accessible. Additionally Patron Pro’s gating shortcode does that as well.

Also you can use the [patreon_login_button] shortcode of PW to print out a login button which will allow anyone to login with Patreon. In post content.

PW also adds this button to login forms. So any proper login form that you put anywhere should show normal user/pass login, and also Patreon login.

2 - Redirection now is something that should be done on WP side. There are many redirection plugins to do these in custom fashion. You can use a condition to identify patrons via the metas added for them and you can redirect them to a patron page whenever they log in via normal login.

Its not recommended to wholesale redirect patrons since it would break the smooth unlock flow that patrons use to unlock your content. This also is a good flow to gain new patrons via your content.

Thank you, CB.
My apologies for my newbieness.
What’s PW?

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PW = Patreon WordPress the official free plugin. Patron Pro is a premium addon to the official plugin.

Thank you, CB.
I’m using the Patron Pro addon.
I got it because I like the feature of being able to use shortcodes to make selected content within a post “Patron Only”.

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Great! Please remember that you can post support tickets at to get premium support (free) for Patron Pro issues…

Thank you. Would you prefer us to contact you via

For Patron Pro cases in general, it would be more efficient yeah.

Could we finish the Patron Pr issue we have going on in a seperate thread here?

Either works - if its sufficiently different from what we discussed, better in a ticket.