How do I embed a 'patron login' button?

Hi, I would like to embed a simple ‘Patron Login in’ button. Please could you explain how to do that? I am using Patreon as a plugin to I do not know how to write code, so a simple shortcode would be great. Thank you, Martin

Using the shortcode


anywhere in your post/page content should render a login button inside that content.

Hey, I tried using that shortcode. Nothing shows up. Do you know why? or is there another way? Thanks

That could be because you are already logged in. You can log out or view it from a different browser that is not logged in.

Cool, that shows up now. However, when I click on it it takes me to the patreon site to log in. Is it possible to have a patron login form embedded on my site, so my patrons can just enter their log in details and access my material without leaving my site?


No, thats not possible technically and security-wise.

Does it work also for wordpress widgets?

It should work and should display a ‘login with Patreon’ button for those who are not logged in.

yes, it works.


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