How to Add The Login With Patreon Button on Other Pages


Hello, I’m trying to use the WordPress Patreon Plugin. The Connect to Patreon button works great on the posts that have Patreon content, but how do I put that button on say the ‘My Accounts’ page?



You mean the ‘Log in with Patreon’ button in login form?

In 1.0.2 there will be a shortcode to do it. Currently there is no way.

Next monday or so is the date we planned this version. Its not 100%, but highly likely.


To give a heads up, 1.0.2 has been out for some time. Current version is 1.0.3 and both have the login shortcode.

Dropping the shortcode…


…anywhere should make the login button appear. Of course, this has to be in places where shortcodes can work.