How to add a "Connect with Patreon" link to homepage?

Is there a simple tutorial on what php code needs to be added to the homepage to allow people to connect their Patreon user page with my wordpress site?

Everything I’ve read just seems to get more and more complex, and nothing has code examples.

I don’t mind paying for pro, if that makes it easier, but I’m not confident it does. I only use Wordpress for user logins, and I use it because I thought it was easy to integrate with Patreon.

I know I need to add a “Connect with Patreon” button, but I can’t figure out how to do so.

Here is my website, if that helps:

If you want your patrons to log into your WP site (and also lock your site content for your patrons), just install the WP plugin:

I do have the plug-in installed. But the “connect with patreon” button doesn’t appear on my pages.

Is there a shortcode I can use to get it to appear on the pages where I want it to?

Yes there is, but normally if you lock any content, an ‘Unlock with Patreon’ button that will also log the user in if needed should appear. So you wouldnt need a separate login button on those pages/posts

For anything else, [patreon_login_button] shortcode should render a login button.

Thank you!

I don’t use posts. My website is just a couple web apps and a download page:

I added the short code to the pages for testing, and the button appeared correctly!

I then asked a patreon to try logging in to test it, and it worked for him.

Wish I had known to ask for the shortcode earlier, but it works now, so all is well.

Thanks again!

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