Log In Error Using Plugin

When users try to log into Wordpress, they get the following message

Sorry. A WordPress user with the same email you use at Patreon exists. Please log into this site with your WordPress user first, and then log in with Patreon to link these two accounts…

How do I resolve this?

This means that a user with the same email already exists in WordPress.

What the user should do is to just log into that WordPress account normally from WordPress. Then s/he can click the ‘Unlock with Patreon’ buttons in locked posts or ‘Login with Patreon’ button in login page, and link his/her Patreon account with that WordPress account.

This will let the user access locked content from that point on.

I want to enable users to connect Patreon to their existing accounts, but my site doesn’t (and won’t) have any locked content. But when users try to log in with a Patreon account that has an existing email, they get an error telling them to log into WordPress first. But after they logged in, they can’t see the login page to click the “Login with Patreon” button. It seems impossible.

In the end, this was possible by manually typing wp-login.php into the address bar. Would it be possible to add a button on the user’s profile page within the admin to “Link to Patreon”? I’d be happy to work on a pull request if this feature is something you’d be interested in @codebard

Using [patreon_login_button] shortcode anywhere should render a Patreon login button. You can put it into a widget and make it appear in sidebar too.

You could also put it to user’s dashboard or profile page.

I tried using the [patreon_login_button] shortcode, but it didn’t render anything if the user was already logged in.

It would be useful to have this button in the WP admin somewhere, since I’m using Patreon to enable features only on the admin side, and users won’t be looking on the front end of the website for the button.

I guess I can add this to my own extension plugin using a WP hook, if you’re not interested in a pull request for Patreon Connect.

If you already have a working branch for this, i’ll be happy to take a look. If no branch exists yet, this idea is a good idea and we may add it in 1-2 weeks.

This should be out with 1.4.5.

Cool, I just tried it. When I use the [patreon_login_button] shortcode I see a button that allows users to connect their account to Patreon. Thanks!

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There’s also a login widget that functions the same. That may be more useful than shortcode.

Plz help me with this issue i don’t understand how to solve this

Current, existing users of your WP site will need to be logged into your WP site before they connect Patreon.

People who did not have an account at your WP site can directly register to your site via Patreon.