How to disconnect a Patreon account from a WP user after logging with Patreon


I use Patreon WP Plugin and what I did is that I had Allow Admins/Editors to ‘Login with Patreon’ Button on. By clicking the login with Patreon button I effectively connected my Patreon Creator account with my WP admin account.

What I want to do is to reverse the process as now my WP admin account has inherited the profile picture from Patreon and I can’t change it (e.g. via Gravatar).

To change your avatar you can use a WP avatar plugin that is available from the WP repository. There are many plugins which allow you to upload/change your avatar.

Of course, that’s a solution. I was just surprised that my Gravatar profile picture was overridden after connecting my WP account with Patreon account. Plus, as I said selecting or updating Gravatar pic is not reflected on my website.

PW updates local information by using remote info from Patreon frequently. Therefore it is likely overriding your changed settings for avatar.

Im going to look into this in the upcoming releases and will likely provide a way to disconnect an account.