Disconnect from Patreon button

In the backend, users can be disconnected from their patreon account. Normal users can’t disconnect their patreon because they can’t access the backend. Is there a way to disconnect users from patreon from their wp accounts on the frontend?

Normal users should be able to disconnect their accounts if they are able to access their user management page in your WP site. If your site does not provide that possibility, you would need a specific page that displays the disconnect button to users when they log in. Ie in user profile etc.

Normal users do not have permissions to access the user panel in the backend. There is a page on the frontend where they update their information, but I failed to put a disconnect button from their patreon account. on the frontend the “Login with patreon” widget allows them to link their patreon account but then they can’t disconnect.

is there a way to make this button? I can add it with php in the theme folder but I couldn’t find exactly what to do.

You can just make a form that posts to the same page, with ‘action’ value…


…and a hidden value named patreon_disconnect_user_id having the user’s WP user id value.

That should disconnect that user.