Patreons login, and see the Toolbar? Also, redirect

Hey, so when Patreons login, they see the toolbar in the top. i want them not to see it. How can i do so new users are not able to see it

And also, can i redirect visitors to the frontpage after they logout, instead of the wp-admin page?

Yo! I don’t work for the company but it seems like all you are asking about can be done via Wordpress Admin and some other Wrodpress plugins or settings. I have the Pro version of this Patreon plugin and none of the options you are asking about are part of it. (at least that I know of)

That said - I have a site that uses other Wordpress plugins to accomplish what you are asking (you can search for them on and get what you want.

There might be other answers but that is how I solved this particular issue you are asking about.

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Yeah, as @blue92 said, toolbar is a WP feature and you can disable it for logged in users by using WP plugins available in the WP repository. Or custom code.

Similarly user redirection after logging in is also a WP feature.

But PW redirects the users to the last page user was at in your website. Ie, if s/he was on a post, to that post. If on a page, to that page. Only in cases in which the starting page is not known, the user should go to wp-admin page (ie the dashboard).

The unlock mechanism of PW will always try to send the user to the post they started the unlock process from.

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