Patreon Unlock Button redirect /Patreon-flow/

Hello, i tried to setting up the patreon word press for my creator’s friend.

I installed the wp-plugin following this topics :

i did copy and past the redirect uri filled in wp plugin setting, and created a client then copy past the key created.
i lock an article to check if it’s work, but when i click on “Unlock” Button i get a redirection to /patreont-flow/ that appear doesn’t exist on my website, does i imiss something between wordpress app install and client ?

error :

Not Found
The requested URL /patreon-flow/ was not found on this server.

I do not have any access to the server console so i cannot perform any installation if it require, i only can install or remove extension or add/remove file from ftp.

edit : i found this line in wordpress_frontend.php

$flow_link = site_url().'/patreon-flow/?patreon-unlock-post='.$unlock_post_id;

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:



Do you have pretty permalinks turned on?

in your WP admin -> Settings, there is a section called Permalinks

You must have ‘post name’ or other format selected there for the flow to work.

Yes it works!

i understood that i had to choose plain… (not english native).

Thanks for your time.

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No problem. Enjoy the plugin.