Patreon button just redirects to front page of site


I’ve just installed Patreon free plugin. I think I want the features of the paid plugin but I want to get this basic setup working first.

I’m able to ‘protect’ a post without any issues but when the ‘unlock with Patreon’ button is clicked, I am just redirected to the front page of my site. There’s no Patreon interaction that I can see.

I’ve confirmed that the redirect URI is identical in both Wordpress and my Patreon account. I’ve also confirmed that account creation is allowed in Wordpress.

I am not sure where else to look. Any tips?

Please first check and make sure that your API credentials are correct. Especially to not copy/paste spaces at the start or end of the field values.


Thank you for the help. I’ve confirmed that the credentials are correct with no extra or missing spaces, etc.

I did an http trace to see what is happening and it looks like the request does not even go to Patreon. When I click the unlock button, the plugin responds with a 302 back to my site’s front page as this screenshot shows:

I am not sure why it would do that but would appreciate any help figuring it out.


I believe you just need to flush your permalink rules. In case you don’t know how…

Step 1: In the main menu find “Settings > Permalinks”.
Step 2: Scroll down and click “Save Changes”.
Step 3: Rewrite rules and permalinks are flushed.

See if it works then.

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I did try that, yes. I even changed the permalink structure to something else and back to ensure it was actually changed. Same result.

To eliminate a local issue on my end, can you see if works for you? The protected page is here:


I’ve actually disabled it for now.

The page thats giving 302 but just returning to the home page is supposed to send you to Patreon pledge flow.

Something must be happening there to prevent redirecting the user to Patreon.

You may be hosted at There is a known issue with certain permalink settings there.

If possible, please prepare me an extra admin login, with sufficiently strong password and mail me at . After we are done debugging, this account should be deleted.

Please include the url of your site and also a simple summary of the issue in the mail (any descriptive post from this thread would do).

Thanks for the help. I am not hosted at but I do use Jetpack. However, I disabled it during testing to see if it was the issue and did not seem to fix it.

I’ve sent an email to you.

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Just following up on this as I have not heard anything back.

Thank you.

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Please download the updated package below, deactivate & delete existing Patreon WordPress, install and activate this one. You wont need to update or re-do any settings.

Please let us know how does this work out.


Thank you for the update, however there is no change in behaviour. The Patreon button still just redirects to the main site page.

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Quite curious - I’ll debug this on-site tomorrow.

Thank you. Please refer to my email for access instructions.

Sucuri security plugin seems to be blocking my ip. This plugin may be interfering with login procedure as well.

I have you a link to whitelist your IP in the email I sent to you.

I also deactivated it during testing. No change.

I think we can close this thread now. I will move on to other solutions.

Thank you for your help.

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