Can't make profile picture use Gravatar

I’ve used Gravatar for a while, with the same email address attached to my Patreon. When I connected my Patreon to using this plugin, the account it made uses the same icon I have on Patreon, the red fox-thing with a blue background. There’s what looks like an option to link my Gravatar to the account in the profile editing page, a link under the icon that says “You can change your profile picture on Gravatar.”, but that just takes me to where I’m logged in as my Gravatar email address. On that website I can’t find anything about this plugin or how to make my L&T comments icon be my Gravatar when I’m logged in, so I’m rather at a loss.

Yes, the login procedure currently overrides your current avatar if you didnt already have one. You can install a WP avatar plugin to allow you upload an avatar to override everything.

I’m not the site owner, just a patron and reader, so I don’t see how that helps me.

Ah i see. Then at this moment there isnt much that you can do yourself. Notifying the site owner about this situation may be fruitful.

In near future a way to prevent overriding of avatar may be added - but this may be left to site owners’ decision as well.