Issues about avatars

My theme integrates user uploaded avatars/profile images and it seems that ones who sign up via patreon using your plugin cannot change their avatar locally in their profile on my website. Also could not get it to change when changing it on patreon. I really need my community to be able to change their profile images on my website.

The plugin just copies the user’s Patreon avatar to the WP avatar. Whatever your site uses. If your theme is modifying avatars in a specific way, you will need to sort it out through the theme.

They already directed me to you so now we’re playing the good ole blame game.

Can you please just instruct me how to modify some code to completely disable your plugins control over WordPress user avatars?

The plugin only copies the avatar when the user registers to your site or logs in again. There isnt currently a way to turn it off. It may be added in the upcoming releases.