User icons imported from Patreon not displaying

An example is on this page:

The comment from me (Erin Ptah, logged in with my Wordpress admin account) has the user icon visible. The comment from a patron (Hela, logged in via Patreon) tries to display this image as the user icon:

If I use FTP to open the directory and download the file, it’s a normal image. But when I open a link to the file in my browser, it says “Image not found in media library.”

Profile pictures on the Edit User pages have the same problem, and I can’t find any option to replace or re-import the icon.

How else can I troubleshoot this? What do I try next?

Plugin info:
WP 5.8.3 with PHP 7.4.27
Patreon WordPress 1.8.1 with API v2

Right, this was reported as a bug already. Thanks for providing additional input. This will be addressed in the next release.

Some more info can help fixing this: Are you using image locking?