Logo broken on login with patreon page (hotlinking?)

When logging in with Patreon users currently see this: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/175260651336368128/412687656581857280/Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_2.13.12_PM.png

But the image file is there. Seems like it’s being hotlinked on Patreon’s side (my site blocks hotlinking). Anything to be done about this beyond allowing hotlinking?

Edit: confirmed it’s hotlinking. As a workaround for now I’m just using my Youtube avatar since it’s basically the same and they allow hotlinking.

This is not a WordPress plugin issue, but something to do with the API settings - it seems the icon you set for your app is being barred from display at Patreon due to hotlinking protection you implemented on your site.

Whitelisting Patreon IPs, the URL of the Patreon permissions page (the one in the screenshot) in your hotlinking setup may be a solution.

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