Patreon Plugin is useless as it is now

This is so frustrasting! The plugin will not work in so many ways:

When clicking “Login with Patreon” the user is redirected to the admin login of WordPress. Or get an error message.
When clicking on “Unlock with Patreon” you get a link to a wrong tier price.

I see several complain about these topics in various forms over the last couple of years, but CodeBard don’t seem to have a proper solution. They respond late, or don’t respond at all. Or say they will fix it, but nothing happens.

I don’t know the company or have no idea how many of the people there working on the support team. And I do not question their skills, but their support, or lack of it, is very disappointing.

Basically, there is no way for me now to link my Patreon to my websites in a proper way. This reduces my income and my whole business model, and I am considering to remove the whole plugin since it do nothing for me as of now. Going back to only using the Patreon feed seems to be the only solution for me.

Honestly I think Patreon itself should do something about this, since so many of Patreon’s users also use WP based websites. CodeBard is obviously not able to help with their own product unless something extraordinary is happening.

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When clicking “Login with Patreon” the user is redirected to the admin login of WordPress. Or get an error message.

If the login with Patreon is sending users to admin login, then there is likely some modification or plugin at your site that is interfering with the process and hijacking either the login or redirection.

As for your complaints, I do empathize. I definitely would like to see the plugins make major strides. What I can say is that as it stands now, there is a large backlog and things are being addressed in order.

Well, I have now gone thru all my plugins and deactivated most of them. But this still happens:

  1. I Login with Patreon. I get logged in - I guess.
  2. I go to the page where there is $5 content, and refresh the page as it says you should do if you are logged in. Then I’m sent here:
  3. I click Allow, and then I’m sent here, as before I deactivated most of my plugins:
  4. Then, instead, I try to press the button “Unlock with Patreon.” This is, as I said, a $5 page. But I’m sent to pay only $2. This also happens with my $25. Visitors only have to pay $2.

Since I have no idea what to do, I just have to deactivate the whole thing. Very sad.

As the message clearly says, you are trying to log in to your WP site with your Patreon that matches your administrator user’s email at your WP site. Since that option is turned off, the plugin wont let you login via Patreon before logging in directly to your WP administrator account first.

If you want to test your site, then try creating a new Patreon account with a different email (but same payment method is ok), and then pledging to your campaign from a $1 tier etc from another browser. That way you can test your site as a patron and it won’t involve your admin account.

The problem is that this happens when I’m NOT logged into WordPress at all. I have disconnected to my WP accounts and site, and trying out the website as an ordinary user using the inkognito mode in the browser. Still, after clicking Allow, I’m redirected to the websites wp-admin/ page! That should not happen at all.

That’s not a problem - that’s what happens when you turn off ‘Allow logging in administrators via Patreon’.

If there is a WP admin user at your site that has the same email with the Patreon email or that WP user has connected his/her WP account to Patreon before, the plugin wont allow that user to log in via Patreon if that setting is turned on in WP admin → Patreon settings.

As I said, creating a new, mock patron account at Patreon and testing your site with that account is the way to go about doing this.

Okay, thank you. My fault. I forgot to check that option, so now the login seems to work as it should. But still there is the other major issue about being sent to the wrong tier. Which in fact prevents me from having a Patreon-only page on my website at all. If there is an equal easy solution to that, I’ll happily take back all bad reviews.

Try locking a test post from a higher tier (or the highest) and check whether it goes to a lower tier again.

It does. But After a bit more checking I found out what happens:

Whatever tier the page has, you will always be sent to sign up for the lowest tier at Patreon. But when you have done it, you still don’t get access until you have upgraded your pledge to the correct one. So, for my $5 page, even if you sign up at $2, you still can’t access it until you upgrade to $5.

So, it works, but it’s confusing and annoying and something you should look into.

Have you been testing this while being logged into your creator account at Patreon and using that account to log into your site?