Difficulties with CodeBard plugin

Prior to the late-May 2020 updating to version 2 of the API, everything worked well on my WordPress site allowing only Patreon patrons to see the members-only content. Version 1 of the API worked well for me for as long as I have been using Patreon. When version 2 of the API was launched in late-May 2020 my site immediately became unavailable due to a “fatal error” caused by the CodeBard plugin. If I deactivate the CodeBard plugin, the “fatal error” is completely cleared up and my site is once again available. But deactivating the CodeBard plugin means I must open the members-only content to all website visitors and I can no longer allow only Patreon patrons to see the members-only content. This is a loss of revenue for me and I am seeking a solution to get back to only allowing Patreon patrons to view the members-only content. I am willing to pay someone to install the necessary plugin(s) on my site. I have mentioned this willingness to pay several times but nobody from CodeBard ever responds to that specifically.

I believe i already responded to your earlier email, to which you replied to? There isnt a need to pay for helping with installing the plugin since this is already covered - you can just check my last email.

Thanks so much for the excellent technical support, CodeBard! In just a short time, you turned what had been a mess on my site with Patreon permissions not working to a stunning success. Thanks again.

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Our pleaasure. Good luck with your patrons!

If you have any issues, just let us know.