Yearly Patrons Accessing All Content

Hi there!
I’ve been using the wordpress Patron Pro app for a while and like it, but recently I started getting yearly patrons. The problem is the patreon plugin doesn’t seem to work for those yearly patrons and allows them to access all the content that should be locked to them.
Is there a way for me to fix this?
The plugin becomes fairly useless if it doesn’t block my lowest tier Patrons from gaining access just because they subscribed for a year.

You can try turning on ‘Active patrons’ setting. The one which says “Require a pledge active at the time…”. This will cause only patrons who were patrons when the content was posted to gain access to that post. Though it may not work for some posts.

The thing is that yearly pledges are not currently supported in the api. I will look into what can be done plugin-side to address that. But for a while things may be like this.