Not blocking Patrons from content after 1.3.4

We tested the plugin with our user account as a $5 patron and the plugin version 1.3.4 is allowing access to $10 content and says we have access to it because we are a VIP user, although VIP user under the the wordpress user profile is NOT selected.

We submitted a ticket a week ago and have not had a response from the developer and were forced to go back to using the Non-Pro version which blocks content properly.

We have paid for PRO and have to use the free version because it works… WTF.

The lack of support is very disappointing.

There are a grand total of 2 Pro users with this particular issue in support system and i see that their threads are well updated. Issues which may require admin, ftp access may not be handled swiftly since they require manual procedures.

Please check whether your ticket is updated, and if not, please acquire your ticket id from the last ticket update notification email you received.

Installed new version provided by CodeBard and everything is now working as it should.

Thank you!

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Great to hear. I’ll push this in an update so it will fix that problem for those who are experiencing it.