No option to set VIP users

I re-purchased a subscription after a support ticket was going un-answered for over two weeks on the help desk for CodeBard.

I am simply not seeing the option to make users VIP at all under “users” on WordPress. I am very well aware of the manual page here: How to mark users as VIP or with custom pledge level - CodeBard

That option just isn’t showing up no matter what I do.

Trying to fix the issue on my own, I deleted and re-installed Patreon Pro, and even reset on Patreon’s website with the Wizard/API keys etc. Nothing has worked so far.

Assuming the plugin was working normally (when apparently it wasn’t), I recruited a small team to help me with input on the site (that requires VIP access) and they’ve been patiently waiting for almost three weeks. Any help appreciated!

Same here,
i cancel the subscription for the Patreon Pro-CodeBard, it didn’t work and no one return to me for support.
after a lot of attempts, i return back to the default,
Thanks for sharing

This doesnt seem to be reproduce-able in a test install. Do you have any plugins that modify user profiles?

From what I know, there isnt any support ticket that was left unanswered in the system. If your ticket was missed, you can email the ticket id to

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I replied to the ticket there. In case anybody else is reading this forum: not that I know of, but I could be wrong.

Thank you for the help, hopefully this is resolved asap!

As I replied to (probably your) ticket, if you are unable to see the VIP and Custom $ fields in users’ profiles in wp-admin, then you may have a plugin that interferes with user profiles.

But note that you would get those fields only in user profile in wp-admin - they wouldnt be visible in public profile of the user outside wp-admin.

EDIT: Is there any way I can add a CodeBard assosciate as an admin so they can check if they get the same issue?

Thank you. I don’t think I have any plugins that affect user profiles other than Patreon. Is there a way to check?

I don’t recall installing anything between now and when it was working, but could be mistaken or perhaps something updated.

In WordPress Admin under “users” (following the example from the manual) the option simply isn’t there. So, outside of what you’re saying that something may be conflicting, I have no idea what could be causing it. Here is a list of the plugins installed, any help appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile:

An update for anyone else experiencing the same problem:

I believe this may need to be looked into by a developer. I use (not org) and have uninstalled absolutely everything that it would allow, except Patreon and Pro, and still no luck.

There are new options for users on the WordPress side, which leads me to agree there was a change. Attached is what I see.

It looks like WP com is not allowing you to edit user’s info since the users belong to WP com instead of your site.

Interesting, do you have any suggestions?

This particular individual used to have the options and was marked as VIP, so it must be a change on the WordPress end.

First this must be confirmed with - whether now they prevent modification of user’s info at your site or not. Opening a support ticket with them may help.