Codebard Need Assistance Please

I have the pro version. I believe I have premium support but you never replied last time at the support spot on your site. Just an open ticket that sat there. I started a new one. Can you please check? I have an image I uploaded that I need you to see.

My site has slowed to a crawl. The Patron posts are not correct as they are being placed in my posts as scheduled. They are scheduled for the next day but i need them to be immediate. That is not the largest issue however. My site was very slow, returning 404 errors and eventually was showing an install screen. I asked my host and they said I was exceeding my query limit. They told me to download query monitor and I did. We ran it and they had me check for http api calls and when I said that it showed 33… they said oh, how many plug-ins and the entire list was you.

They told me that I need to contact you to show you the list as these are the reason for my site slowness and errors. I have an image of the errors but it is probably not safe to post in public. Or is that how you want it on here. I uploaded the image with my support ticket. Can you help with this issue?

I had to uninstall so could use your help as soon as you can. Now I have VIP’s who can’t access. The plug-in is causing constant errors as it is pulling info incorrectly. I went in to look at a recent post from Patreon and under revisions there was one every second, hundreds of them

I need your assistance please. Your plug-in caused my site to become bogged down with queries causing my host to shut me off. I have unistalled pro but it keeps tripping the queries.

Good luck getting a reply from Codeboard, they can take months the Pro service is appalling!

Have you tried re-connecting your site to patreon via the Patreon Settings on your Wordpress site?

  • Make sure your Patreon Plugins are up to date first

Can be found in the Patreon Settings then click the Reconnect Site button followed by the confirm button…

If it says it cannot reconnect:

Clic* k on the link to the API page it will say ‘your app/clients page’

  • Expand the (API V2)
  • On your Wordpress page goto Patreon Plugin Pro settings
  • Click the Patreon API Tab
  • Update Info that does not match your API details… normally the Acces & Refresh Token
  • Click Save
    If that did not solve the issue…
  • Go back to Patreon Settings on your Wordpress site (The standard One)
  • Click Recconnect Site
  • Click Confirm Reconnection
  • Then click Let’s Start Button
  • Click Allow (It will hang for a few seconds)

If these do not work it is beyond the scope of my assistance apologies, you will have to wait for Codeboard. Good Luck!

Thanks for the help. Yes I reconnected. I eventually just turned off all of the syncing. I guess I’ll just post on Patreon and then my site so that VIPs get the email notification.

Yeah. Hope codebard sees eventually that I have tickets pending and a slow site making random Http API inquiries it keeps checking certain Patreon posts which it has no reason to do because all syncing is off. So it has no reason to be queriying posts. If it can’t be fixed then I will just get a refund for pro as it has not functioned well on my site for some reason.

I dont see any ticket at that were responded in a month. Its possible that the ticket system may have had issues with a given particular ticket and marked it as replied. The only way it would take a month would be that.

Aside from that, jeranism’s issue is not related to any specifics about the plugins but likely his web host not supporting the .htaccess file changes which the plugin has to make to enable image feature. That is not something that can be solved via any plugin or code. A compatible host must be found.

What? You don’t see any ticket responded. Yes because you haven’t responded. They are open tickets. And yes, I eventually moved hosts because of all the issues that this plugin “exposed.” But the question remains. The site has significantly slowed down. I turned off all syncing and yet still several http api calls are being made constantly according to query monitoring. Why is it making any calls about various posts? What does it need to know about any post since it isn’t supposed to sync anymore?

Oh you weren’t talking to me. I never said a month. I just bought the plugin last week. But you are talking about the other commenter.

Okay, so I sent you images of the queries. Why is the plugin still making these queries? Is it the pro plugin or regular. Can you take a look for me (premium support) and tell me if we can do anything about it

There doesnt seem to be any unresponded tickets at the date of the post i made - 2 days ago. If you have a pending ticket which was not responded, you can forward the ticket url or id to I replied to you about the image in another thread here.

Thanks. Email coming.