Questions Regarding Patron PRO Addon for Wordpress

Hey, guys! Been working on building a website through WordPress to improve search & acessibility for our Patrons and have been using the Patreon Plug-In to import our posts and get everything situated.

I’m now seeing that there’s a Pro Addon for Patreon that I’ve been considering an upgrade to. My main concerns are with Quicker Posting from Patreon to Wordpress (I run the batch imports pretty frequently at the moment, but there’s a significant delay - we post daily on Patreon and the current plugin can sometimes take days to update).

We were also hoping for greater carryover & accessibility for things like Categories and Tags, etc.

Just wanted to see if the Pro Addon would help in these areas and improve the overall connectivity we’re experiencing between Patreon and our Wordpress site.

I just don’t want to have to disconnect and reconnect them constantly & constantly be refreshing the post import multiple times, etc.

Any and all insight is much appreciate - thank you!!

If the free plugin is taking days to update, then you may be using the Manual Import feature to do the import probably because the webhooks that immediately import the new posts dont work. This would mean that the cron would have to pull every single post from your Patreon, and that can take pretty long if you have a lot of posts or there is a cron issue in your WP site.

Currently tags are not supported at Patreon api so they cant be imported.

Pro plugin cannot improve how these work but it brings various advanced locking options from show/lock last x to content drip and other features like sneak peeks, login lock etc.