Login suddenly stopped working, returns "patreon_"

Hi there,

I’ve been login in and out a lot today using my testing patreon account (who pledges to a specific campaign) due to development testing. Suddenly, the authentication process stopped working. One think draw my attention, though: In the top right corner of the WP page, I can see “patreon_”. So, is missing my account ID number.

If I go to “Users” in WP, I can see the user “patreon_” without any other information. This is the first time this issue happens to me, but it has been reported by some players already.

Any idea?

(Log-out and try again does not fix it. Issue happens in all my browsers)

WP debug.log:
[05-Jul-2018 19:16:39 UTC] PHP Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /var/www/html/play/wp-content/plugins/patreon-wordpress/classes/patreon_routing.php on line 247
[05-Jul-2018 19:16:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: check_user_email in /var/www/html/play/wp-content/plugins/patreon-wordpress/classes/patreon_login.php on line 178


Now the login process in my WP site is working again… What should be causing this? I need to discover it since my players are complaining it sometimes happens. It just happened to my and even if I am the developer I have no clue of what was causing that…

Such intermittent issues may happen due to connectivity issues in between your WP site’s host, and Patreon API. At times it may happen due to situations at Patreon API, or due to whatever situation your server at your web host may have.

In general there is no surefire solution for connectivity issues in between 2 servers in distant locations on the internet. Best to do is to monitor occurrence of such situations, and if they are occurring too frequently and if they have a pattern, bring it to the attention for support like you just did.

Is just happening again, login returns “patreon_” instead of the correct code. The plugin definitely needs to have exceptions to deal with this, to at least be able to show an error message or something.

Did you log in using your creator account, or was it a separate Patreon account?

Separate account that pledges to our main page.

If possible, please arrange me an admin account (separate user/pass) to your site and mail me at ozgur@c.patreon.com until tomorrow. I would like to see this on-site.

It was already sent days ago…

If so, i think i sent you an email in reply, but i didnt get any response. Please check out your spam/junk folders.

Sorry. I located your email and answered it.

Please delete the existing Patreon WordPress on your site (deactivate first), then upload and activate the below package with oauth error reporting and see if it sheds any light on this issue by showing an error:

Done. It’s working fine at the moment. I’ll keep monitoring it and update the thread if I see any error (or if any of my players report an issue).

Okay, I had to disable that plugin and went back to the default one. Users starting complaining about getting block by Cloud Flare. Example image attached. As soon as I disabled that plugin the CL error stopped.

I got rid of the Cloud Flare error, but now any log-in attempt returns “patreon_” for me and any of my players. Basically no one can use the plugin right now… :triumph:

I had to put back the plugin attached by you here, because the default one was just returning “patreon_” no matter what. Now it seems to be working at the moment (no Cloud Flare error at least); but this has been a very stressful day with a lot of players complaining.

Because even if the error message from cloudflare is not displayed, that error still happens and the non-modified earlier version of plugin just doesnt show what happened. Cloudflare doesnt go away by changing plugin package or its versions.

I recommend to switch back to the new package you received so your users will know why they cant log in when they cant log in until we can do something about cloudflare on our side.

Yes, I’m using right now the modified plugin you attached here and, for the moment, it seems to be working. I’ll let you know if any user report something different from the Cloud Flare error.

Do you know if Patreon itself uses CloudFlare? Because the CloudFlare error page only appears after hitting the “ALLOW” button during the login process, and there are ZERO records in my CloudFlare firewall log. I’m starting to think that the error has nothing to do with my CloudFlare setup (that never before had any issue).
I’m dropping here a Cloudflare Ray ID that one of my players shown me: Cloudflare Ray ID: 4376bb31d9e35e9a

Yes, CloudFlare is used in front of Patreon API.

“Sorry, you have been blocked” - Cloudflare Ray ID: 437f2d2f79c7b9ee