Login suddenly stopped working, returns "patreon_"


API’s cloudflare settings were just readjusted by Patreon. Please check it out and see if you can reproduce the cloudflare-block.


Got a blocking report from a player today: Cloudflare Ray ID: 438ba97e4b02b9d6


Updating: There were changes made at CloudFlare to address this issue just today.

Please try to reproduce the issue and let us know if it occurs, or if you are not able to reproduce it at all. Any input is appreciated.


Can’t get the blocking anymore by myself. I’ll let you know if any player report it.


We’ll appreaciate that. Thanks.


I got today a player complaining about the Cloudflare blocking.
Cloudflare Ray ID: 4375d31ec9f382f1


Did he give the time of the block-incident? And the exact message?


I’m afraid not. However, if you enter CloudFlare, you can see all the details about the event in “Firewall Events”, searching for the Ray ID.


Any more incidents?



No. I haven’t received any other complain from my players. I’ll immediately let you know if I got any other report.