Media Library problem

I’m using WP 5.6 with PHP 7.4.10
Patreon WordPress 1.7.0 with API v2

When the Patreon plugin is active, the majority of my media library shows broken links (blue icon with a white question mark). This includes images that I’ve uploaded to my site directly (i.e. they were not pulled in via the plugin’s Patreon sync). It also includes images that are not paywalled via the Patreon plugin. Deactivating the Patreon plugin resolves this issue and makes all images visible both in Media Library and on the front end of the site.

Has anyone else experienced this and will it be resolved in the next update?

You probably have the image locking feature on. This modifies .htaccess to route images over the WP plugin. .htaccess rule must be properly saved/updated at your host automatically for this to work. In some hosts, this is not possible. Try contacting your host and asking whether the custom code which plugin needs to put into .htaccess are there. Also ask whether your host supports .htaccess files.

If they do, and the rule is properly saved and active, then you may suspect another image plugin that may be modifying how images are handled.