Media library issues (I checked the htaccess file)

Hi there,

I saw that the plugin now has a feature to override dates with Patreon dates, thanks for that! It was really helpful when I reimported 100+ posts.

Unfortunately I’m also having issues with the Media Library when the Patreon plugin is activated. Image locking is on, as I’m an illustrator.

I deactivated all plugins and started turning them on again, until I found out the Patreon plugin was the only issue. Kept it off while working on the rest of the website, and just turned it back on, but the issue was back immediately.

I re-checked that my host supports htaccess (they do, support docs are available), and I checked the htaccess file and it does have a bit of Patreon code from the plugin.

I don’t have any thumbnail regenerating plugins or anything installed. I do have plugins like Printful or Revolution Slider that import images or use images in more ways than just plopping a link in there, but I’m hoping those aren’t the issue (not using them would be a dealbreaker).

Any idea what could be going on?

You may check your error logs and see if it goes awry anywhere.

If you confirmed that your htaccess file works, the image locking on, and you have all libraries needed (GD lib etc) installed at your host, then it should normally work.

Memory limits may be a problem if your images are sufficiently large.

I’m going to need a bit more help with your response. Do you mean the Patreon plugin error logs, or general error logs? What libraries should be installed? My host offers Wordpress as a standard installation, so the backend should support all the basics, I presume.

Memory limits are maxed out as far as they can be. Most images aren’t wider or higher than 1000px in either direction, except for 2 images.

Server error logs are what’s needed. GD lib is one of the libraries that’s necessary.

Alright well, the server error logs say nothing about the Patreon plugin and your response has way too little information for me to solve this problem as a non-developer so I guess I’ll just not use the plugin.

These are information which you should forward to your host actually.