Image loading slowdown problems

Hello, I use the Toocheke Premium theme on my WordPress-based website, and I’m using the latest version of WordPress and tested things using PHP 7.4.1 and 7.3.

Last week I tried to activate the Patreon plugin for my website so I could make certain content subscriber-only. The plugin seemed to work for editing purposes, except one thing: My site slowed down from taking around 4 seconds to load to around 18-22.

Individual images, including tiny icons, each took several seconds to load. This occurred even after strenuous optimization efforts. (My Google speed test score, with Patreon deactivated, is around 42 now.)

I isolated all my plugins and found Patreon to be the one that critically slows things down. I’m wondering if the plugin is checking every single image I post to see whether it needs to be blocked to nonsubscribers. I tested it with all content being open to everyone.

Have you heard of any similar plugin problems related to this and how to fix them? I’d like to still use Patreon on my Wordpress if at all possible.

Have you activated image locking feature in ‘Patreon Settings’ menu?

Hi! I’m having the same problem, and I am considering removing the plugin and even leaving Patreon.

Do you have image locking feature turned on?