Patreon WordPress breaks images randomly

Hello, im using the Patreon Plugin 1.2.4 on a fresh WordPress install and i notice that the images from both the Media grid and the posts/pages itself randomly dissapears for both my patrons and myself, after a lot of searching I found that the image locking features is writting on the .htaccess file this:

BEGIN Patreon WordPress Image Protection

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} (.png|.jpg|.gif|.jpeg|.bmp)
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^wp-admin [NC]
RewriteRule ^wp-content/uploads/(.*)$ index.php?patreon_action=serve_patron_only_image&patron_only_image=$1 [QSA,L]

END Patreon WordPress

Removing this solves the problem at once for both sides but any patron can now see tier-locked images and keeping this makes the pictures unstable and randomly unload on refresh.

I also have the CB’s Patreon-Pro plugin but i havent install it yet until i can fix this.

On my previous host I didnt have this issue and my site its a carbon copy of it made from zero.

This code gets added only when you turn the ‘Image locking’ feature on. If you keep that feature on, it will keep getting added.

You can just turn it off if you arent using image locking and refresh your permalinks.

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Yeah, but a very important part of my WordPress site its that on a single post the’re pictures for different tiers and i need to individually lock them.
BUT i installed PPP and used the PPP code that paywall a selected text on the post and i pretty much got a better solution than picture locking.

If you need to use image locking, then you have no option but to contact your host about this - since such a situation can stem from your host’s servers.

PPP has partial locking which allows you to lock partial content - even images - in the post indeed.

But, if someone copies and distributes the image link around, then the image will be accessible directly via the link when the link is used.

Image locking mechanic prevents that.

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ok but how i explain it? since they are very clear on ‘we dont do support tickets on website configurations’
which php plugins are getting broken here or what parts of the apache server needs to be fixed?.
can’t go to them and tell them ‘the rewirte rule on my .htaccess is breaking my images and i need it fixed’.
In the meanwhile im trying to take all counter-actions that i can, hashing links, files and removing indexes on the inner folders.

This is not a matter of website configuration issue - it is likely that the htaccess rule is being read and recognized by the server at one point, and then ignored at another point.

You can ask them to check whether your htaccess rules are being taken into account by the server at all times. Also, ask them if there are any special actions you need to take for the htaccess rules to be saved.