Upcoming 1.1.0 version of Patreon WordPress plugin is available for user-testing

We are providing upcoming 1.1.0 version of the Patreon WordPress plugin to interested creators for user-testing.

This version has various fixes like security cookie login issue, new link-redirection method for login process in order to fix problems which cache plugins and host caches may generate, and also the new image locking feature!

If you want to user-test, just download the above zip file. Then, deactivate & delete the existing Patreon WordPress plugin from your WP admin, and then upload and activate this one. You shouldnt need to do any configuration and all your settings, post locking values will stay the same in your WP database even if you delete and re-install.

If you discover any issues or have any feedback/feature requests for this version, please reply to this topic and post them here, instead of posting a new topic.

To get you started test-drivig the image locking feature:

You can now lock any image in your WordPress Media Library by using the easy methods provided:

1 - Clicking on an image in visual view in post editor will show the image toolbar, which now has a lock icon.

Clicking this icon will fire up the image locking dialogue which will allow you to enter a $ amount for locking the image.

Entering any $ amount and then clicking update will update the locking level for that image across your entire site.

2 - Alternatively, you can also lock images through your Media Library in WordPress:

Clicking any image in Media Library will bring up the attachment details interface, which now contains a Patreon Level set in down below. Again, setting any amount here will lock the image across your entire site.


  • Any image which has a $ level set will get locked across your entire site
  • Any image with a $ level will be protected from all users who are not patrons over the set pledge level - even when viewing the image directly via direct link
  • Both the image toolbar locking interface and Media Library input field update the same value, so you can use either to lock your images
  • Image locking value is independent of Post locking value. For example a $5 gated image embedded into a $2 gated post will still be locked for a $2 patron. Only a $5 patron will be able to see both the post and the image.
  • Gating a post doesnt automatically gate images inside it. Those images can be viewed directly via their direct link or inside non protected posts. To lock an image, you must set a gate level for the image as illustrated earlier.

The image feature is new and the details outlined here may change before release or in later iterations. We appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

Is the code hosted on Github or a similar platform?

The dev version and these recent changes are not committed to github. You can download the bleeding edge release candidate from the first post.

When the commits are ready, we put them on github though.