Upcoming 1.1.1 version of Patreon WordPress plugin is available for user-testing

We are providing upcoming 1.1.1 version of the Patreon WordPress plugin to interested creators for user-testing.

This version highlights are:

  • Option to turn image locking function on/off
  • Image locking function defaults to off
  • Nginx compatibility for image locking function
  • Protocol fix for locked images - no longer http/https confusion
  • Filterable utm parameters for login and flow links
  • More reliable way to update htaccess with image locking rules
  • Refresh htaccess rules when image feature turned on/offers
  • Locked posts are protected in RSS feeds
  • Transitional option to disable image feature on update
  • Notice about new image locking option and info for image locking feature
  • Additional messages after login/unlock flow redirection landing

And numerous very minor fixes…

The most important change in this version is that image locking feature is now off by default. It will need to be turned on for it to go active. It will also turn itself off if you were already using the image feature, so you would just need to follow the info in the notification you will receive about turning it on in options in your WP admin after you update it. Basically, you go to plugin settings and turn image feature on… All the pledge levels you set for any images you locked before are preserved and wont need to be changed.

If you want to user-test, just download the above zip file. Then, deactivate & delete the existing Patreon WordPress plugin from your WP admin, and then upload and activate this one. You shouldnt need to do any configuration and all your settings, post locking values will stay the same in your WP database even if you delete and re-install.

If you have the Pro package, please dont use this file - the pro package will show you an upgrade notice very soon, just click ‘upgrade’.

If you discover any issues or have any feedback/feature requests for this version, please reply to this topic and post them here, instead of posting a new topic.


1.1.1 is now available at WP repo. You can just update from your WP admin.