Sorry - couldn't connect your site to Patreon

I am trying to setup the Patreon Plugin for WP for the first time. After following the INSTRUCTIONS USED. Everything seemed to go smoothly as far as I can tell however, when I tried to save my settings in WP_ADMIN I now get the following message. Hoping for some help as clearly I have missed something.

When you go to your post editor in WP, do the lockbox for putting in a $ value to lock the post appear usable, or is it locked?

Usable. I am able to type in the field.


Then you can try locking a content, and testing it with a test patron account you created with a different email.

Sometimes the code that tries to check whether credentials are valid may not be able to get a valid response from the API when testing it during install. So it may give an error.

If the credentials were saved normally you should be able to lock the post and unlock it via a test patron account by pledging to yourself.

Thanks it is working now. However I have to disable the plugin as it keeps overloading my servers CPU usgae and crashing my site at least 1-2 times per day since starting it.

Have you got the image locking feature on? You can see it in your Patreon settings menu in WP.

I activated the plugin and yes Image Locking was “ON”. I have turned it off and will leave the Plugin running to see if that was the issue causing the site to crash from CPU overload. Thanks

Even after disabling Image Lock in Patreon Settings my CPU usage and Physical Memory stats were hitting 90-100% until I deactivated the plugin again. Now both back down to below 35% for each category.

When activating/deactivating image locking, your htaccess file needs to get updated. On some servers/hosts this may not take effect immediately.

Also you may need to just visit the ‘Permalinks’ section of your WP admin to force WP to regenerate the htaccess file.

Long story short, you have to make sure that the htaccess rule for image/file locking is removed from your htaccess.